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You want respect? Earn it.

Whinging, finger-pointing whataboutery like this article is why unionism no longer gets any respect.

The unionists of Newtownabbey council were rightly castigated for their attempts to censor The Bible: The Complete Word of God (abridged), by the Reduced Shakespeare Company, not just by nationalists, but by nearly everyone – other Christians, unbelievers like myself, nationalists, embarrassed unionists, and people that don’t care much either way, who are sick and tired of everything getting put in tribal context, with this article as yet another exhibit.

If all nationalists have to do is hold up a mirror to make unionist representatives look bad, then you need better representatives.

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The Highest Form of Respect

In the ongoing tussle of competing ideas, be they on the axes of conservative/liberal, theist/atheist, secular/theocratic, capitalist/socialist, the word respect, or commentary on the pronounced lack of it, is bandied about a lot in this internet age.

I’ve not minced my words on this blog – an oft-used quote, attributed to Evelyn Beatrice Hall in her biography of Voltaire, sums up my position.

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

A frequent reflex defence of, say, Christian apologists, is that criticism of their position is an attempt to silence them. This is of course nonsense – free speech in the secular West guarantees both their right to public opinions just as it guarantees the right to criticise them. To curb the former is totalitarianism, to curb the latter is enforcement of blasphemy.

Similarly, apologists will claim a lack of respect in criticism. Sometimes this is true, but if the discussion can remain civil, I would counter that the critic is paying them the highest form of respect i.e.

I can think of no higher compliment, than to care about someone’s opinion enough to want to change it if you think it wrong.

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